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ZDay and almost killing myself

Yesterday was the main ZDay (Zeitgeist Day) event in Los Angeles. I looked up a restaurant in the vicinity on HappyCow and went there by bus. After a bit of search I found the restaurant but it is closed on Sunday. Bad luck, but in the same building there also was a Japanese fast food restaurant, so I ate some rice and vegetables there.

The ZDay event was at a beautiful location: Barnsdall Gallery Theatre up on a hill in Hollywood.

The hall was full and there were about a dozen lectures plus Q&A from 2 p.m. until the evening (with a one hour break). Mind-blowing stuff with several standing ovations by the whole audience. Afterwards most lecturers were available for speaking to them outside of the theatre and then we drove to a bar where we celebrated the end of a successful and amazing event. I'd love to see more of these events, just to remind us that a bright and beautiful future is possible if we just want it and work towards it. Also nice to see projects which are already worked on to step in the right direction like ET3, Cybernated Farm Systems, etc.

The next day, I wanted to do something traditional: a monster march over several hours which I'm doing on most vacations, especially when I'm in another city. This time from the hotel to Venice Beach and back. That's 3 hours each plus 2 hours at the beach (which includes walking too of course). The weather wasn't supposed to be too sunny, so I didn't use sunscreen. What a huge mistake!
The way there wasn't too bad. There I first ate at a restaurant I've looked up on HappyCow again where I had Seitan pepper steak with vegetables and french fries. The food was really good but a bit expensive. On the other hand it was organic - good food has its price. The beach was beautiful. I walked barefoot on the sand and let the waves wash over my feet.

I walked to Santa Monica pier and back again and then made my way home where my feet started to hurt. Really started to hurt! I had to stop often and take a rest but made it home after all in good time. There I finally realized the redness of my face and neck and of course the blisters on my feet. Ouch! The sun wasn't too strong the whole day but it burnt me anyway. So I treated myself with a warm bath to soak the dried skin and lots of Nivea afterwards. But I'm still alive and the cliché says after all: What doesn't kill you might just fuck you up for the rest of the vacation. Or something similar. Can't remember. Time to sleep.

Posted on 2013-03-19 05:30:51
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