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...and the rest of the vacation.

After Monday's torturous walk to the beach at first not much happened, so there was no need for a blog entry, then so much did happen that I didn't have time for one. So this will be capturing the whole rest of the Los Angeles vacation.

After the walk my feet were hurting with blisters and I had a little sunburn, so I spent Tuesday mainly at the hotel with the exception of going out to eat something. On Wednesday I was feeling much better again. The feet were still not 100% healed but I felt ready to go to Universal studios.

It's quite a fun place, although I was a little disappointed by the low number of rides, some of which are even quite short. They are very well done though, with only one real roller coaster. The others were just simulations, but, again, very well made with a bit of real coaster feel to them. Especially the Simpsons and the Transformers rides were exciting. There was also an awesomely spectacular Waterworld live show with lots of shooting, stunts, explosions and a big space craft crashing into the water.

On Thursday I went to the beach again. This time by bus, so I had a little more time to be able to check out the Pacific Park on Santa Monica Pier and to have a nice view over the area from the top of the ferris wheel.

Friday was then the great day of the video shoot. YouTube Space looks rather dull from outside. It's just a grey disused hangar building and there's not even a sign or a logo on the outside, so if you didn't know YouTube space was in there, there'd be no way you could possibly find out, except actually going in. So I did. Inside you are greeted by a huge video wall and a colorful decoration, but also with a lot of white/grey in it.

I met up with Doug Bresler, the director of the video, and some of the other crew and cast and they showed me some of the space. After make-up and putting on the costume I went directly into the set to shoot my scene in front of a green screen. I can tell you this much that I hurt my wrist a little bit in the process. I think it's going to be a memorable moment in the video. Doug then showed us the work in progress of what is already finished and I think it's quite hilarious. I was then invited to watch the filming of the rest of the scenes for the day and then we went all together to a bar.

The flight home went smoothly and uneventful. I came to Frankfurt on Sunday morning and arrived at home at midday. I've tried to stay active to prevent myself from falling asleep due to the time shift and the lack of sleep in the airplane. But now it's late enough, so I hope after a good night I'll be fit for work tomorrow.

I apologize for any bad english or non-coherence because of the Jet-Lag and because I was distracted while writing.

Posted on 2013-03-24 21:52:58
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